There is a sensuous balance of Vanilla at the heart of the Chanel CHANCE fragrance followed by Iris and Jasmine absolute and mysterious alchemy of white must.

The floral scent for women was introduced in 2001 created by Jacques Polge. Chance bottles, unlike other channel fragrances which come in square-shaped bottles, are circular and packaged in various colors. Chance line consists of 4 core scents: Chanel CHANCE, EAU TENDRE, EAU FRAÎCHE, and EAU VIVE.

All four scents in the CHANCE collection are available as a set in a unique pen format, allowing you to make the most of your packing space while still avoiding traveling with liquid limitations. The smooth and balmy formula simply glides over your skin thanks to the retractable solid fragrance’s pastel pen-like casings. The aroma lasts a long time too!

Top Notes: Pink pepper, Amber of Patchouli, Pineapple, Iris, and Hyacinth 

Middle Notes: Lemon, Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Vetiver 

Composition: Floral, sensual, spicy, gourmand with floral and vanilla notes.

Created by Jacques Polge

Chance is a wave of extreme freshness. It’s a tornado that takes you to an unknown adventure with its flowery notes and sensual spicy composition. Jacques Polge, the head Perfumer created this intense and feminine fragrance.

A fragrance that Makes an Entrance 

Chance Eau de Parfum by Chanel is a scent that is meant to make a statement. Though the warm, floral aroma was created with a younger customer in mind, it maintains its refinement by not being overly floral or sweet. The perfume is exquisite and extremely rich, with notes of jasmine, iris, and pink pepper complemented by traces of vanilla, white musk and amber.

The Art of Wearing Chanel CHANCE

The CHANCE Parfum is the most potent, concentrated, and long-lasting type of smell, having its own set of uses. Gabrielle Chanel recommends using it “anywhere you want to be loved.” Neck, wrists or/and the décolleté… Apply a drop on your pulse points, or anywhere you feel a heartbeat! 

This is the kind of scent that makes a statement—full it’s of flowers, brightness, and happiness. Of course, if it lingered in happy land for too long, our darker side would be unsatisfied. It softens into a warm, sweet, milder aroma with just the right amount of melancholy over time.

When to Wear CHANCE?

If you are looking for an everyday scent, that’s also office-appropriate in a hot and humid climate, Chanel chance is highly recommended. At the end of the day, the scent settles down onto the base notes of musk and amber. By then, you are the only one who’s aware of the scent.

It’s one of those fragrances that makes you feel good about yourself whenever you wear it. Chance isn’t overpowering. People can smell it only when they are close to you. CHANCE is a fragrance that constantly evolves and moves. It delights the more you wear it. Shop now with Fragrance Heaven!



100 ml


For Ladies


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Chanel CHANCE Eau de Parfum Perfume (EDP)

CHANCE by Chanel is a fragrance of constellations. The scent is like an olfactory sphere which opens in an infinite movement.