CHANEL Gabrielle is a lighter and gentle floral fragrance that gives you a more girlish vibe with a fruity wash of orange blossom.

Chanel Gabrielle Eau De Parfum, this luminous floral fragrance is crafted by Chanel’s in-house perfumer Olivier Polge as an imaginary flower. This bright and feminine flower is based on a bouquet of four white flowers and four points of light that recalls the four corners of its striking bottle. This soft floral fragrance combines floral notes of exotic Jasmine, sparkling orange blossom, fruity notes of Ylang-Ylang and a sweet note of Grasse Tuberose. The creamy heart of Jasmine sparkles with green notes of ylang-ylang, while fresh orange flower shines through while providing a glance of Grasse Tuberose captured in its purest form. It comes with a well-crafted square bottle that is made with ultra-thin glass. This delicate glass mold is delicately quilted in five squares. 

However, the gold label and topper share a similar shape and color. The center square is settled with a gold label with raised lettering in black color. The packaging sticks to the classic design of Chanel, but instead of being black and white edges. CHANEL Gabrielle perfume box comes with gold and white edges. Its sophisticated name Gabrielle (the real first name of Chanel), combines with its gorgeous packaging, gives you a more powerful and emboldened feel. This floral blend has a vigorous sillage that is around 6 feet behind the wearer and lasts the whole day. If you are a woman who truly shines and want to dominate with her radiant personality, this delightful gem of Chanel is for you.

Olfactory notes

This floral perfume is inspired by a bouquet of white flowers, which is reflected in its scent. It provides subtle floral notes of Jasmine, orange blossoms, Grasse tuberose and Ylang-Ylang. This is a very feminine scent that is not too overpowering and has all the hallmarks of Chanel’s DNA. 

Top note:

The grapefruit and mandarin and black currant are the top note of this timeless golden beauty. 

Heart note:

The heart of this sweet feminine fragrance pops with orange blossom, fruity green ylang-ylang, and floral notes of tuberose, and this fantastic combination creates a unique floral scent. The Ylang-Ylang comes with fruity accord with a hint of peach that makes the fragrance feel sweet, inviting and delicious. 

Base note:

The downy note of CHANEL Gabrielle is sandalwood and musk that give you a woody and earthy aroma. Moreover, the base notes add a warm tone to this floral perfume.

The sizes

This classy signature scent is available in a variety of formats so that you can easily use it either you are at home or on the go. It comes in 50ml and 100ml packaging. 

How to use: 

  • You can wear this musky fragrance ostensibly.
  • Its intense note with a dose of freshness makes it suitable for all occasions.
  • You can apply it on your skin or on the lining of your dress.
  • Renew it as often as required.

This sparkling and voluptuous fragrance is the scent of a radiant woman. So, are you ready to discover the intense floral notes of this signature perfume? Shop now with Fragrance Heaven!



100 ml


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Chanel Gabrielle Eau De Parfum Perfume (EDP)

CHANEL Gabrielle is a lighter and gentle floral fragrance that gives you a more girlish vibe with a fruity wash of orange blossom.